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Exploring your car tinting options can make the difference between a professional car tinting application or an amateur application that results in ugly bubbling on your auto glass windows. 

This does not necessarily mean that you need to go out and spend a big chunk of change on a car tinting installation at a local auto glass tinting shop.  If you are handy and do some research you can actually do it yourself.  We are not going to advise anyone either way since it depends on the person, the car and their budget both in dollars and time.

Car tinting kits are available for the diy market from companies like Snaptint and Gila.  They include both the film and the window tinting tools required.  Car tint kits are definitely a more economical choice since they typically cost under $100.  Car tinting prices can range from the lower end of $100 to $300 and can even be much higher if you are looking at the luxury end of the auto glass tinting market.

Options that you will have to consider when tinting your car windows are tint colors and transparencies.  The transparency may be something that is chosen for you depending on your state's window tint laws.  Not all states allow the same percentage transparency.  Tint colors are usually grey, charcoal, smoke, bronze or silver.  The actual tint film that is going to be used is also an option that should be presented to you.  Consider that the more expensive tints usually have a better warranty so you need to decide if you are willing to put up with possible bubbling that will force you to replace the window film.  Different window films also provide different levels of heat rejection, the more heat that is blocked typically the more expensive the brand of window film will be.  Most major window film brands provide both auto and home window film.  There is also the option of getting ceramic car tinting versus the normal polymer film tinting.  This is said to offer better protection from a wider range of solar rays.

The benefits of car tinting are making it more in demand today.  The damage from the sun is a great motivator for not only families that want to protect young children.  Any long term exposure to the sun unprotected is a risk for skin cancer.  The heat rejection makes the car more comfortable and saves gas since you use the air conditioner less.  Car tinting film also provides a level of privacy that can deter thieves that are looking for easy money from items like IPods and cameras that you may have inadvertently left in your car.

If you don't decide to go with the diy car tinting option be sure to research the local car tinting shops before you make a final decision.  Have them provide you with a quote because they should be able to give you a close estimate based on the model of your car and some basic questions about the car window tint colors and transparencies you are looking for.  If you know of someone who has a car tinting job that you admire ask them for a recommendation for the car tinting shop that they used.

If you decide to do it yourself make sure you follow the directions on the car tint kit that you buy to the letter. You may also find some videos that will give you an idea of what you are in for when applying the car window films yourself.  Attention to detail will make the difference between a botched job or one that you will be happy with for some time to come.


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