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Window tinting is no longer just a fashion choice.Car tinting has always seemed like something only found on limos that drive around some type of celebrity because of their privacy concerns. 

That definitely is still a reason that adds to the cool factor but many folks are choosing car tinting for other reasons as well.  Window tinting your car windows can help keep your car cooler on those hot summer days.  The window film used for tinting keeps out UV rays from the sun so that the interior of the car stays cool and the occupants can also be protected from the sun.  Whether you believe in global warming or not it is hard to dispute that some or our hot days are getting hotter.  Sun protection has been and continues to be advised by medical professionals.  This leads to auto tinting needs that are far from just the hip factor.

Car tinting also serves other needs.  The window film that is installed on your car windows also protects the inside of your car from deterioration, especially if you do not have a garage.  The constant burning of the sun affects the materials on your seats and dash and can cause visible fading.  If you are in an accident you also have reduced levels of broken glass because the tint film keeps the glass together on impact.  Installing window tinting also reduces the glare associated not only with the sun but snow and even headlights when driving at night.  This leads to safer driving.

If you buy a newer car you may find that some of them include some level of window tinting.  Many minivans come with it standard in the back part of the van to protect children from the glare and rays of the sun.  Many parents are advised to get attachable sunscreens if their cars are not tinted.  If you are on a budget you may consider doing it yourself.  This may seem like an attractive option since most people think car window tinting prices are not in their budget.  It really depends on your local car tint shop and at times the make and model of your car.  If your car has lots of steep types of curves around the windows it may be harder to tint so the shop may charge you more but by the same token it would be much more difficult for you to do a decent job yourself.  DIY car tinting is not for those without time, patience and some level of handiness.  You will also need to buy window tinting tools besides just the film.  There are some window tint kits available but not all are well reviewed.

Before you decide whether you will do it yourself or not you need to investigate how the window tinting law in your state apply to you.  At first glance I was hard pressed to understand what the safety concerns were since my assumption is that any type of legal window film would allow you to be able to drive safely.  It goes beyond you being able to look out your car, others also need to be able to look through your car.  Though I thought it was a police issue associated with something as horrible as the drive by shootings sometimes depicted on TV shows it has more to do with other drivers being able to see possible danger through your windows.  It also makes sense that the police would want to be able to identify car occupants as well.

These needs led to window tinting laws that govern where you can put window tint film and what level of visible light transmission (VLT) is required.  According to Wikipedia the required visibility can range from a low as 27% to as high as 70%.  Though there are some window tint films on the horizon that may allow for UV protection with minimal darkness, it is critical for you to understand the law in your state.  The installation of the window film on the auto glass is usually limited the back instead of the windshield and front 2 windows.  This also may lead you to choose a professional window tinting shop versus doing it yourself.  Glass tinting definitely has its benefits but you definitely need to do your homework before making any commitments.

Window tinting is not limited to cars the energy savings have made it front and center for homes as well.  Tax credits have give savings to those who install house window tinting.  Though very similar window films are used for both home tint and automotive window tinting the energy savings can be dramatic incentives for installing tint on your home windows too.

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